Whether you are a landlord with a single rental unit or a property manager with multiple buildings, hotRENT has several flexible credit packages to suit your needs.

One of the major benefits of using hotRENT to advertise your rental property is that it is extremely affordable. And with hotRENT's credit system, the more listings you have, the more money you save!

Unlike other property rental websites, hotRENT has a one-time, upfront fee for all listings. You will not be paying by the day, by the week, or even by the month. All hotRENT listings will be posted for up to sixty days and will not need to be renewed on a daily basis. This works out to pennies a day for 24/7, nation-wide exposure of your listings.

Below is a list of hotRENT's credit packages. Please note that the regular cost for one hotRENT listing is 10 credits.

Cost (CAD) Listings Cost per listing

   $10.00      1        $10.00
   $19.00      2         $9.50
   $36.00      3         $9.00
   $51.00      6         $8.50
   $64.00      8         $8.00
   $75.00     10         $7.50
  $100.00     20         $5.00


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